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Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much! For questions on basic Joomla installation/usage, HTML, JavaScript or CSS editing - please try the ThemeForest forums, W3Schools,Uikit, Joomla Documentation, Warp Documentation or Google as theme errors/issues get top priority.


After installation you'll see complete site like a Demo Site. So, if you're running for new website, I do urge to install using the quickstart file. But, If you've already had a joomla website with your own content, you could install only the Template to keep your own data


Follow these steps one by one to install the template to get a complete site like the Demo.

1. Upload the files to the server (or place them in the right folder if working on localhost) and go to the site address.

2. Then you shall see a screen like the following image. Please click on the next link on the upper right corner.

3. Then on the next screen fill up the following boxes:


Then you will see a restoration progress bar. When the progress is completed 100% click on the ok button. ''Next Step''


Then  fill up the required boxes and other optional boxes as your need then click on the next button on the upper right corner of the screen.


6. Then you will be on the last step. Just click on the remove the installation directory link. Then upon completion click ok and you will get a site like the preview demo.

Click Visit your site's

To deal with the new API, you now need to register your Twitter widget as an application in Twitter. Follow these steps to get an Twitter API Key and user access token:

NOTE: This is only necessary when you have an existing Joomla 2.5 installation. For the quickstart option, all the components, modules and plug-ins are included and installed.

To install the components, modules and plugin, do the following:
a. Login to your Joomla backend e.g. and navigate to the extension manager.
b. On the install tab, click on choose file on the Package File field and locate your zipped extensions file and select one. Click on the ‘Upload & Install‘ button. Once the extensions have installed successfully, you will get a success notification.
c. Repeat step 3 for all the other extensions.

Adding icons to Menu items

To add an icon to a menu item, create/edit a menu item > on the menu edit screen, click on 'Link type options' tab > on the 'link CSS style' option, add the icon name e.g icon-group

Adding icons to Modules

To add an icon to a module, create/edit a module > on the module edit screen, click on 'Advanced options' tab > on the 'Module Class Suffix' option, add the icon name e.g icon-comments

Please follow these below steps to Setup the Social icons in this templates :


n the profiles tab you can see a lot options that you can customize your template!


In Color Setting you can select main style red,blue...  In Fonts you can select Body Font,Header Font ,Menu Font.

Module in Jomi theme are based on the powerful Warp 6 Framework and can be arranged and aligned with the following values: equal, double or stack.

Module Positions:

Colum Layouts





Modules, Components and Plugins

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