Multipurpose Joomla Template




Hello everyone!

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much! For questions on basic Joomla installation/usage, HTML, JavaScript or CSS editing - please try the Uikit, Joomla Documentation, Our Forum, Warp Documentation or Google as theme errors/issues get top priority.
After installation you'll see complete site like a Demo Site. So, if you're running for new website, I do urge to install using the quickstart file. But, If you've already had a joomla website with your own content, you could install only the Template to keep your own data


Quick Start allow you install in few clicks Joomla template, Joomla extensions and Demo data, in final you get full Joomla website exactly the same like on demo with contents, modules, articles, menus etc. Install just like a typical Joomla installation:
1 .Unzip "Quick Start"
2.Upload files to your server /localhost(XAMPP)
3.Go to
4.Follow the Jooml! Installation instructions

Important! Here is important section for biggnner user .If you want to have our demo site ,Choose "Install Joom! English (gb) sample data" template package that are available for installation into your existing Joomla! sites. Please installed from Joomla! Extension Manager (Install tab). Then you can assign your new template as default. Do not include any modules/plugins nor demo content.


Module in Jomi theme are based on the powerful Warp 7 Framework and can be arranged and aligned with the following values: Paralell doubled or stacked.

We have powerfull options for module customization.You can choose set specfic class ,style,animation,awesome icon,badge and more .




Go to Extensions/TemplateManager/Joom/ Styles/Customizer 

You can set your template's without any CSS and LESS knowledge link and text colors, paddings, margins, width and other settings easily. It's child's play to customize your template as you want. The left hand vertical bar indicates the settings for the theme and on the right you can see your selected theme. All modifications within the customizer will instantly be displayed in the preview on the right side.





Go to Components/Widgetkit/Slideshow/Slider/ and edit caption:

<div class="uk-container uk-container-center uk-text-center" >
<p class="bold1 border-line  font52" >Welcome to  Joom!</p><br /> 
<p class="bold2 font23 no-margin  bounceInDown animated" >MULTI-PURPOSE joomla TEMPLATE </p><br /> 
<p class=" swing animated"delay=0.5s animated" ><a class="custom-buttom"  href="" >Purchase Now <i class="uk-icon-shopping-cart " style="font-size:14px;"></i>
</a> </a></p>

Content: (image)

 <img src="images/slider/slide4.jpg" alt="demo slide" style="width: 100%;vertical-align: middle;" />

Important! If you would like to use source code view use “CodeMirror” Editor

You can use different animations e.g

bounceInDown animated

More animated effect you can find here:






To deal with the new API, you now need to register your Twitter widget as an application in Twitter. Follow these steps to get an Twitter API Key and user access token:

Go to Components/ Sp Simple Portfolio

You have to start from adding a new tags in component.


If you add one or more tags you can start to add new items.

You have to fill all fields marked with * : title, image, description and tags.


We suggest to add at least 3 or 4 items before you will create a menu link to component view.

Once you have tags and some tagged items you can display portfolio in the front end in several ways.

  1. Using Menu Manager you can create a menu link that displays portfolio items.
  2. You can use SP Simple Portfolio module.

The Cards theme is all about your images. This theme makes it easy to display rich, bold content in a single module without sacrificing that modern, stylish look.

Go to Extensions/ModuleManager/Our services

Go to Extensions/ModuleManager/ "Powerful Features"

The Showcase theme is a modern, easy to read and follow approach that gives you the ability to have a great looking module, with or without an accompanying image.


Go to Extensions/ModuleManager/ "What Our Customers Said"

The Quotes layout mode makes it easy to display sleek, elegant quotes on your site. It is perfect for testimonials, product reviews, and inspirational messages.

Go to Extensions/ModuleManager/Headlines

RokSprocket: Headlines Layout Mode Learn MORE